Hostage Negotiation Training

Training / Workshop in Hostage Negotiation for Security and Private Policing Companies

Hostage Negotiation

Criminals, prisoners and terrorists, mentally disturbed individuals are mostly the type of hostage takers that one would encounter. Hostage situations have occurred from escalations of family member-on-member, family member-on-employee, intoxicated co-worker, domestic dispute situations as well as criminal elements trapped whilst committing a crime. Even a suicidal threat is considered a potential Hostage situation (the person takes him / herself hostage).

A typical workshop will focus on:


The roots of Hostage / Crisis Negotiations. The learner will learn the “Why” of negotiating and the patterns that can be identified in hostage negotiation situations.



The tactical use of negotiators: The role of the Negotiator is misunderstood in many Tactical circles. The learner will learn the value of Negotiators in deploying the tactical options.



The Psychology of Negotiations: In this segment learners will discuss in laymen's terms the mental/emotional disorders that are prevalent during crisis situations and dealing with it.



Team Structure: The structuring of a crisis negotiation team and the importance of command personnel, their understanding and support will be discussed. (This structure works for small and large agencies alike)



Communication Skills: The student will be given an in-depth overview of the skills required to successfully interact with the hostage taker/s. Both conversational speaking and listening are the tools of communication. (Active Listening Skills) The importance of being able to listen well is a vital tool for the successful negotiator.


Negotiator Stress during the negotiation as well as handling of stress in the aftermath of the negotiation will be discussed and explained as well as some de-stressing techniques.


Case Studies: Each and every hostage and crisis situation is different. The cases we will review are a diverse sampling of the instructors’ experiences - including a burglary which turns into a hostage situation, a bank hold-up goes bad and a family member taking other members hostage.



Role Plays: The presenters will make the role-plays authentic through applying situations that they have experienced. Both instructors will guide the students through the tense and very stressful job of negotiating with various types of Hostage Takers and emotionally disturbed individuals. Students will get a chance to participate as team members and negotiators.


Training / workshops will be customised / flexible to the client’s needs, requirements as well as budget. We also offer customised training workshops on related topics e.g. “Dealing with difficult clients”; “Hostage risk-assessment and management”; “Debriefing after a crisis situation”; “Emergency managment of acute stress reactions; and Secondary fatigue / compasssion fatigue / burnout workshops” to mention some customisable training opportunities.


For formal inquiries on Hostage Negotiation Training / Negotiation training (different levels: E.g Basic / entry level up to Advanced training and workshop lenghts / venue) for Security and Private Policing Companies send a request to: (All correspondence will be treated as highly confidential - we reserve the right to confirm the identity of a company prior to engagement)


(No individual training will be conducted due to the format and nature of such training)


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