Work Experience


Presentations / Workshops (Past 10 year) presented:

  • “The Impact of Traumatic Exposure on Survivors of Natural Disasters, Tortured Victims and the Issues of Hostage Negotiations” (Vista Psychiatric Clinic - CPD presentations to mental health workers and associated para-medical practitioners) (2006)
  • Presentations at Pretoria University for the Criminology Department on issues related to “Complex Trauma” (a new and different form of the traditional diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), “Hostage Negotiations and Torture” Various information sessions on the role of the Psychologist within the medical psychology field of practice that includes Cardiology, Neurology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Bariatric Surgery (Gastric Bypass Surgery)
  • Diverse number of presentations on various psychological soft skills programs e.g. Negotiation Skills, Non-verbal Communications (Body language), Conflict Management, Humour Coaching as an alternative to Stress Management and Executive Coaching and Mentorship based on the NBI brain profiling instrument, Life balance workshops and other psychological soft skills training
  • "When Two Oceans Meet... The Interplay between Psychology and Psychiatry" – co-presented with Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout (Psychiatrist) CPD presentations to mental health workers and associated para-medical practitioners (19 February 2010)
  • Plenary session: “Where Eagles Meet... The Analogy between the Behavioural Patterns of Eagles and Humans as a Metaphorical Lens to view Life Balances” - 5th SA Veterinary & Para-Veterinary Congress (3-6 Aug 2010)
  • “Stress Management Workshop” (identify stress, causes, reactions, how to deal with stress and the use of “Neuro- Humour-Integration” (NHI) as a newly coined concept in the holistic approach to stress management / Life balance- concept) – co-presented with Liezl de Klerk (NBI and Brain Gym accredited practitioner) - 5th SA Veterinary & Para- Veterinary Congress (3-6 Aug 2010)
  • “Caregiver Empowerment by Proxy – A look at Simple and Complex Trauma” (South African Depression and Anxiety Group) (2 Oct 2010)
  • “Where Survivors Meet – A Placeholder for Empowerment” (National Mental Health Day presentation on behalf of the South African Depression and Anxiety Group) (9 Oct 2010)
  • “Complex Trauma – A new and challenging diagnostic and treatment ‘minefield’” (Vista Psychiatric Clinic - CPD presentations to mental health workers and associated para-medical practitioners) (21 January 2011)
  • “Mood Disorders, Expression of Control and Life Balance” – South African Depression and Anxiety Group (29 March 2011)
  • Bariatric Psychology – “A Road Map to a better Quality of Life” – 4th South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis National Congress (4 June 2011)
  • “Psychological Trauma Management and Rescue Workers post an Animal Rescue Operation (Penguin - Oil spill rescue operation)” – 30th International World Veterinary Congress, Cape Town (12 October 2011)
  • “Complex Trauma Workshop: A Psychopathological Minefield of Causal and Related Co-morbid Factors associated with Prolonged Exposure to Trauma” (Vista Psychiatric Clinic – CPD presentations to mental health workers and associated para-medical practitioners) (9 March 2012)
  • “Bariatric psychology: A Psychopathological Minefield of Causal Factors associated with Morbid Obesity” – 30th International Congress of Psychology (ICP), Cape Town (27 July 2012)
  • Psychological Rehabilitation post Serious Sickness / Injury (South African Society of Occupational Medicine – SASOM), Johannesburg Southern Sun OR Thambo International Airport Hotel (28 July 2012)
  • Compassion Fatigue in the Veterinary Profession (6th South African Veterinary and Para-veterinary Congress) CSIR, Pretoria (4 August 2012)
  • “Inject some humour in your professional life” Presentation on Neuro-Humour-Integration (NHI) for Project Management of South Africa (PMSA) Western Cape Branch: Cape Town (22February 2013)
  • Hostage Negotiation; Bomb threats; Armed Robberies; and Aggressive situations [CPD presentation (Netcare Olivedale) ,Johannesburg (12 April 2013)]
  • Stress Management (Tenth Annual Conference of INCOSA SA - International Council on Systems Engineering), (28 Aug 2013)


  • Disguised Lives: The Impact and Treatment of Complex Trauma (30 Aug 2013; 27 Sept 2013; 1 Nov 2013; and 22 Nov 2013).
  • “The cost of caring” - Compassion fatigue (“burnout”) and Stress management (South African Veterinary Association Wellness day) (8 Aug 2014)

Commercial Publications:

  • Regular contributions as an expert on various psychological issues in various prominent magazines as well as newspapers.
  • Weekly column in a popular women's magazine (Vrouekeur) in South Africa on various psychological issues for the past more than 10 years.

Media Talks and Interviews:

  • Various television broadcasts. To list some broadcasts:"Parktown boys: bullying"; "Police killings"; and input in the book "Man or Monster" on serial killers, rapists, murderers and various other psycho-criminal behaviour.
  • Regular radio broadcasts on various psychological issues e.g. "Road rage"; "Humor therapy”, "Rescue work in Chilli”, "Traumatic impact of the rescue operation”, “Suicide”, "Traumatic Brain Injuries" (TBI), “Morbid obesity” and various other topics not listed here.

 Global Clinical Practice Network (World Health Organization)

Part of the World’s largest practice based research network on Mental Health. Participation in the field study for the proposed ICD-11 diagnostic guidelines